• To provide information technologies services and the needed support in our university which are required for education, training and research
  • To keep the infrastructure of our university working in the most efficient way regarding the existing network, software and hardware systems,
  • To improve our university’s network, software and hardware systems in accordance with technology,
  • To provide IT services to staff and students in all units of our University within the scope of their activities
  • To meet basic software needs of our university units,
  • To fulfill other information processing services that our university will need.


  • To ensure that the students, academic and administrative staff of our university benefit from the most advanced and modern computer services, to establish, operate and develop the necessary information infrastructure for this purpose,
  • To carry out activities that will improve the internet infrastructure to meet the increasing need for computers and hardware
  • In addition to meet the software needs of our university units, perform activities to reach level for capable of producing software
  • To carry out activities to improve our staff for specialization in order to keep up with the advancing technology.